Rowan County Fair, A Rich History

Rowan County Fair
A Rich history

For over 65 years our friends, family and community have flocked to the fair in Rowan County.

In 1951 a group of Jaycees saw the need to establish a permanent facility for the agriculture community to show their ware. They also believed it would be a terrific educational experience for children in grades 1 through 12. Dave Clay, Henry Bernhardt and John Fisher headed up the project along with many others.

Ten Jaycees from Salisbury signed a bank note for $50,000 to get the project started. Dave Clay was named first Fair Manager, serving from 1954-1965. He was followed by Ligon Gillespie (1966-1972), Charles Roakes, Jr. (1973-1976), and Eric Ennis (1977-2007).

John Love is currently the Fair Manager. A list of those serving with Mr. Love is available below.

Many local fire departments and civic groups help construct the fairgrounds. Among these were Locke, Liberty and Miller Ferry Fire departments, Salisbury Optimist and Millbridge Ruritans. They manned a food booth for years; raising a major source of income they distributed within the community. Fairgoers still talk about the former Chicken & Dumplings served by these volunteers in previous years.

The Salisbury Jaycees started the fair association and brought in the Faith and Spencer Jaycees. Volunteers and Spencer Jaycees continue to run and organize this event; generating their main source of revenue used to support the community, projects and scholarship program. With the help of the community and farmers of Rowan County is one of the top fairs for cattle shows in the state. Without the help of our Jaycees, Local Farmers and Community Volunteers, we could not have a successful fair each year.

The Board and Jaycees care about the community, children and families residing in Rowan County. The Board and Jaycees want to raise funds during the fair, to contribute back into the local community and businesses, because they want to help our County prosper and succeed. The Board and Jaycees work hard, helping through individual volunteer hours of service, and having fun while accomplishing their goals.

So please come on out and support the Rowan County Agriculture and Industrial Fair.

Your attendance helps improve your community throughout Rowan County.

Board Members

Executive Board 

Fair Manager : Johnny Love

Secretary/Treasurer : Linda Spillman

Exhibits Manager and Events Coordinator : Randall Barger

Grounds Manager : AJ Waller

Agricultural & Barn Coordinator : David Correll

Fair Board 

Clay Boger
Mandi Boger
Roger Boger
Suzanne McLimore
Lynne Purvis
Gregg Seaford
Robert Spillman

Fairground Rentals

The Rowan County Fairgrounds can be rented out for private events, and we have facilities that can accommodate events of all sizes.

Family Reunions to Music Concerts... Indoors or Outdoors... Rowan County Fairgrounds can host your event.

All events are subject to approval by the Rowan County Board, and must have all required permits for operation etc.

For more information contact Randall Barger at 704-640-2326, or contact us by email by clicking here.

Become a vendor at our many events

Be a Vendor
At the Fairgrounds

During the year we are delighted to offer various events at the Rowan County Fairgrounds, and for most of these events we invite vendors to participate.

Please note: We offer a strict "first come - first served" policy, and at most events space is subject to limited availability, so we urge you to book your space early to avoid missing out on these fabulous opportunities.



Indoor vendor application form
Outdoor vendor application form

Events at the Fairground


11th & 12th 6 Shooter Gun Show¬† 336-460-7350


4th Chicken Show

25th & 26th  CBA Bike Show and Swap Meet- Rick Nail 704-577-1546

31st Moma Bears Kids Consignment


1st 2nd 3rd & 4th Moma Bears Kids Consignment

15th 421TT 4 wheeler racing - Garrett Barger 704-791-6317

15th Glory Days Wrestling - Rowan County Fair 704-640-2326

Glory Days Wrestling

22nd & 23rd Randy's Antique and Yard Sale Randy Raper 704-425-9838


4th 4-H Rabbit Show

13th & 14th Hippie Fest

20th & 21st Six Shooter Gun Show

20th  421TT 4 wheeler racing - Garrett Barger 704-791-6317

20th  Victory Day 714-519-4477


9th and 10th  June Jam Motorcycle Rally and Swap Meet Garrett Barger 704-791-6317

24th  421TT 4 wheeler racing Garrett Barger 704-791-6317


26th & 27th  Six Shooter Gun Show


7th 8th 9th and 10th Smokeout Bike Rally

18th - 23rd RC Fair 704-640-2326

Rowan County Fair Randall Barger 704-640-2326 Vendor information on website

30th 421TT 4 wheeler racing Garrett Barger 704-791-6317


28th Help a Vet Shine Debora Bare 704-467-9312


3rd and 4th The Balloon Glow and Laser Show
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4th Chicken Show

11th & 12th  CBA Bike Show and Swap Meet Rick Nail 704-577-1546

18th and 19th Randy's Antique and Yard Sale Randy Raper 704-425-9838


2nd & 3rd Six shooter Gun Show

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